Bi-partisanship broke out in the House of Representatives for one hour this week.

On Thursday morning Congressman Steve Scalise returned to the House of Representatives.  It was a brief moment of national unity to celebrate the Louisiana’s Republican congressman’s recovery.

You’ll recall that the Congressman was shot by a politically motivated gunman in June.

The shooting took place at an early morning baseball practice attended by both members of Congress and some of their children.  The members were practicing for the annual charity baseball game played between the Republicans and Democrats in the house.

It is a miracle that Mr. Scalise survived – just ask his doctors.

It is a miracle that two outgunned, wounded, courageous Capitol policemen were able to engage and neutralize the shooter before he was able to expand the “killing field” he planned.

For me, the genuine positive emotion on the floor of the House of Representatives on Thursday is a glimmer of hope – hope that our representatives can find the courage to trust each other enough to cross the aisle to create legislation that moves us forward as a nation.

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