This morning we are going to take some time to talk with Dr. Arlyne Diamond, about a HOT TOPIC — #metoo

  1. If we asked the audience for a show of hands of women over the age of 18 who have not experienced some form of #metoo – do you think any hands would go up?
  2. If we look at the recent epidemic of “outings” of men who have been preying on the women in their employ we see a pattern
    1. Pot-bellied
    2. Older
    3. White Men
    4. Is this about power or lust?
  3. In the 21st century work place, much as we would like to say that the private sector is more “enlightened” – do you find in your practice that it is/is not?
  4. Is some of the bad behavior just “boys being boys”?
  5. When men who feel threatened by a female colleague or boss act out in ways that could be seen as sexual harassment are they actually trying to intimidate the women?
  6. How does a woman distinguish between “boys being boys” and sexual harassment so that she can protect herself AND not over react?
  7. Do women still risk being seen as a “problem” when they’ve objected to harassing behavior – same employer, future employers?
  8. Isn’t it equally important that women do not get a free pass to make unwarranted allegations? Isn’t that a problem in today’s work place?
  9. When and how to file a complaint and what an employer should do?

Dr. ArLyne Diamond has had a long and celebrated career in the area of organizational change and transformation.

She has a broad experience including business, education, psychology, marketing, management, economics, and law enabling her view a problem like so-called sexual harassment as the multi-faceted problem it is. That’s allowed her to help her clients’ find practical solutions to both individual instances and systematic harassment.

A prolific writer, she has published hundreds of articles. She also publishes a monthly newsletter – Diamonds for You – which I read regularly. You can subscribe to the newsletter by going to her website

She is the author of Four Books including most recently

Conflict in the Workplace: Causes and Cures
Leading and Managing a Global Workforce

In the News This Week

$18 Million of tax payer money has been paid to victims of harassment on Capitol Hill.

That’s our money, we have a right to know.  Contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and demand Congressional accountability!  Release the Records!

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