The first bi-year elections are over.

What we saw was a complete repudiation of the Trump Administration.

Ed Gillespie appeared to have the wind at his back in recent weeks – an establishment Republican running an “establishment campaign” focused on economics, jobs, taxes.

Then he added some of the divisive Trump rhetoric and the rest is election of Democrat Ralph Northam.

Four weeks ago, national and Virginia Democratic politicians despaired over Northam’s lack-luster campaign and, then, Steve Bannon stepped in – uninvited.

The lack of invitation did not matter to Bannon, he wrapped the flag of Trumpism around Ed Gillespie, the former RNC Chairperson, and voters said not just NO, But HELL NO.

Tuesday morning all the pundits were predicting a very close election but voters weren’t listening. No one predicted that Ralph Northam, the definition of bland, would win by 9 points.

In the wake of both the Las Vegas massacre and the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas — gun control became an important issue.

A good measurement of the toxicity of Trump – a year after his election – the GOP lost their 32 seat majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. White males fell like flies —

The size of the turnout – 10 points higher than in 2016 – is the result of better Democratic organization and ground game (GOTV) – which should concern every Republican House member from California.

More than that, I think it puts the “woman’s vote” issue away. What happened on Tuesday was that women demonstrated they vote on issues and competence – not gender (positive or negative)!

In the News this Week:

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