As a business woman, I focus a lot on the numbers!

The “numbers” tell me what is “out of the norm” – what needs attention – what needs immediate triage and then how to prioritize the necessary changes.

In the numbers this week:

More than one-quarter of the total homeless population nationwide lives in California, roughly 114,000 men, women and children –

  • 75% of Los Angeles 55,188 homeless are “unsheltered”
    • I just love government euphemisms for totally unacceptable facts!

Developing more affordable housing is a “priority” – just ask all six of the top contenders in the June Gubernatorial Debate –

  • 3 million units are needed
  • Nobody has a plan, or a time table

And where do any of these politicians plan to get the $996 Billion needed to build 3 million units of affordable housing?