Our guest today is Charles Cooke, the Director of the National Review Online and the author the Conservatarian Manifesto.

Mr. Cooke has written “Citizenship is the adoption of an identity” — immigrants “are not expected to move to the United States in order to try to make it more like the countries they forsook” –

But “citizenship” implies a country with enforceable borders – while so much of our media and our politicians seem to espouse a return to the 19th century view of “give me your tired, your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore —– you get my drift –

Is there a middle ground between the need for people to tame a vast wilderness and the 21st century where job skills, education, adaptability and English language skills are the bedrock of a growing economy?


Our second guest today is Phelim Mcaleer – the author of an incredible play “The $18 Billion Prize.

The play details the attempted extortion of Chevron Oil Company by the left-wing environmental movement in the United States, climate change lawyers in New York and their co-conspirator: the government of Equador!

It is a true story, told directly from the Southern District of New York trial over civil racketeering charges.

Highly entertaining while, also, a cautionary tale. Get much more information at www.Chevronplay.Com.