We can’t let Donald Trump out of the White House – even with Melania along to chaperon!

France’s President’s official page posted a video of the greeting between the two first couples.  Trump is heard to comment to Mrs. Macron (who is 25 years older than her husband) “You’re in such good shape.  Beautiful”.

In a week of cringe worthy moments –

Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with a so-called emissary of the Russian government is – seen in the best light – is a Public Relations nightmare.

Even if Donald Trump Jr. didn’t see red flags in the words “Russian government” – the campaign professional Paul Manafort should have seen the “red flag” and contacted the FBI!

While I agree with Senator John McCain that Russia and the 2016 Election is a centipede and there are more shoes to drop –

And all those shoes do nothing to reassure the American people that we are President Trump’s only priority.

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