When the President of the United States takes to Twitter to insult and assault talk show hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski,  because he disagrees with their coverage of his administration — or any other journalists — especially women journalists and especially by employing 20th century sexist terms — he demeans us as a people, further polarizes us as a nation, and diminishes our moral leadership in the world!

President Trump, it is time to put down that phone!

In the News This Week:

– California will spend $183 billion dollars — plus another $70 billion or so from the federal government — in fiscal 2017-2018.  Where will it go?

– Congress must vote to raise the (now) $20 Billion National Debt Ceiling before September — or we’ll run out of money to pay the nation’s bills.

– It is a decade past the Simpson Bowles Debt Commission Report laid out a path forward to reduce the debt while protecting our social safety net.

– More urgent than ever, regaining national fiscal santiy will be much more painful than it would have been a decade ago!

– The gurgling sound you hear is still the GOP Senate Obamacare repeal and replace legislation circling the drain. It may be necessary to turn on the garbage disposal and grind the thing in legislative history after voters get their say over the 4th of July recess.

– Congress heard new testimony this week about what the Russians really did during the 2016 Election and what the USA did in response.  How will lessons learned be applied in 2018 and beyond.

– There was a Tech Conference on Modernizing Government had the White House.  The first thing tech giants, like Apple and Google, can do to modernize government is to stop hiding their profits in off-shore accounts and PAY THEIR TAXES!