In his so-called embargo’d book – Fire and Fury – due out on Monday, January 9, Michael Wolfe argues that Donald Trump never wanted to or planned to win the Presidency. His campaign was a money-making scheme – a con.

It was perhaps the most clever-beyond-its-own-design CON every perpetrated in the history of the United States – no from the first European exploration and settlement of any portion of what is today’s United States.

Ponce De Leon and his “fountain of youth”

Hernandez Cortez and Francisco Pizzaro and their “Seven Cities of Gold” are pikers by comparison.

They may have fooled the Kings and courtiers of Europe and the Pope. They may have reshaped the map of the “known world” – but wow they had nothing on Donald J. Trump. Trump managed to fool 62,979,636
voters in 30 pivotal states and amassed a winning 306 electoral votes.

The question is what is the trigger that will force Republicans on Capitol Hill to acknowledge this reality?

  • When will they put country before party?
  • Oh, forget that – if the Republicans do not face reality, the voters will put the party out of power – if not out of business – in November
  • And what baffles me the most
    • Considering the obvious — Mike Pence signed on to be the Vice Presidential nominee only to set up his own Presidential run in 2020!
    • Mike Pence – the one person who cannot be fired by Trump – could actually govern
    • And isn’t that the objective of being the party in power?

In the News This Week:

We are only a week into 2018 and the pace of frenetic Administration Activity continues unabated — perhaps is accelerating under the cover of the tabloid-like press coverage of Michael Wolf’s coming book –

Foreign Affairs:

  • Iranian people in the streets
  • North Korea – buttons, really?
  • Pakistan – protecting the nukes falling into terrorist hands is priority one
  • Jerusalem and the Palestinian people


  • Two new Democratic Senators reduce the majority to 51/49
  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan negotiates a compromise between House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes and the Department of Justice –
    • Let’s see if he succeeds in promoting justice?
  • But can he make progress on a funding the government before cash runs out on January 19?

Department of Justice

  • What’s behind the sudden appointment of 17 new US Attorney’s after 299 days of inaction?
  • Is this the moment for federal government to reassert primacy in enforcement of marijuana usage?
    • What about states’ right (i.e. Republican orthodoxy)

Why bring immigration Issue into the usually uncontroversial (2020) Census?

Department of Energy

  • Loosening federal regulations on energy production
    • Republican orthodoxy
    • States will still have final say on drilling
    • But energy economics will determine the level of regulation needed


And last, but not least, in response to reductions in deductible State and Low Taxes, California is considered turning our taxes into an (involuntary) charitable contribution to the state – because charity is still deductible –

  • I thought the Democrats were outraged that the rich were getting a tax cut???