This should have been the Week of the State of the Union.

  • The story of accomplishments is much more significant than the main street press.
  • The plan for 2018 was hopeful and – to a large extent plausible, possible and POPULAR.

But Republicans in Congress and at the White House drowned their own message by reminding everyone of shadow of the Russia investigation.

Monday, the White House released its Immigration Reform Principles and the Twitter Universe ignored them for the most part in the beginning of the run-up to #release the memo(es)

  • Raising the stakes that a spending bill or another short-term Continuing Resolution can pass the House and Senate on Feb. 8 – that’s this Thursday –

Tuesday, was the State of the Union Message – although looking at the gallery you’d be excuse if you called the State of the Disunion Message as Democrats sat stone faced.

  • How bad was the atmosphere – you ask: Bernie Sanders tweeted Nancy Pelosi saying she needed to smile more!
    • An observation underscored by ABC’s latest political talking head – Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie!
  • But the President’s message was swamped in drama of FBI and Dept. of Justice leaders rebuffed when pleading against #releasethememo
  • And that’s too bad, because there was a lot to applaud in the President’s summary of his first year in office

Wednesday, the GOP annual winter retreat turned into a train wreck – literally.

But it was soon overtaken by news that the FBI had released a memo saying that the impending House Intelligence Report was flawed by serious omissions of fact –

  • That’s polite political speak for “lies”
  • As well as FBI concerns about “sources and methods”

While GOP efforts to develop united policy front on Immigration, Spending and Defending their and the President’s record went under-reported!

Thursday the day was consumed by rumor and innuendo

And finally on Friday the Republican House Intelligence Committee Report on inappropriate use of FISA by both the Obama and Trump DOJ against Carter Page — was released.

  • Speaker Ryan said it should be released in the interest of “transparency” but cautioned that it did not impact the Mueller investigation –
    • Straddling the differences in his own conference, with GOP Senate, and the Democrats in the House
  • By the time the nightly news was broadcast – outside of Fox News, the nation had decided the memo was “over-hyped” – one network described it as a “nothing burger” –

And the stock market dropped by over 600 points based on rising interest rates and market fears of government inaction on the federal budget!

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