Our guest today, Pam Donnelly, has a had a long and distinguished career in secondary education – first as an English and Drama teacher, then as an administrator and now as the CEO of Valley Prep Tutoring and her most recent venture: GATECollegeSystem.com.

Her objective is to level the college entry playing field for middle class students who cannot afford one-on-one college preparation tutoring. She’s teaching high schoolers the techniques they need to improve their SAT and ACT scores, get into the correct college and stay there, and – importantly – how to earn merit based scholarships and other financial assistance.

But that’s not enough. Currently, Pam is working with school districts and philanthropic organizations – through her newly formed 501C3 to extend the GATECollegeSystem.Com to high school students from disadvantaged families.

She is reaching back into her own background in rural Virginia for inspiration. She is passionate about making sure teenagers have the same opportunity to succeed in high school and go onto do well in college – regardless of their circumstances.

In addition to her two companies and a busy family life, Pam Donnelly is the author of two books – SWAT Team Tactics for Getting Your Teen Into College or 4 Keys to College Admissions Success.

If you are the parent or grandparent of a middle schooler, do yourself a favor and get a copy of 4 Keys to College Admissions Success NOW! Getting your child into the right college for them, without mortgaging your future may depend on how soon you read this book!


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How does the GATE online tool (process and technology) work and how it can help students not just get into the college of their choice but stay there and graduate without a mountain of debt?