In a press availability last week, Hawaii’s Senator Mazie Hirono made one excellent point. Too often and for far too long, women have been seen as objects instead of thoughtful beings.

As my expert guest, ArLyne Diamond, pointed out – until the 20th century women were, in the United States and in most of the world, thought of more as property than as equals.

In the 21st century that is patently no longer true.

And we women who began our careers in the latter days of the 20th century (#metoo) paved the way for a world in which there will be no tolerance for sexual harassment;

  • Whether it is physical – touching, groping, propositioning
  • Whether it is emotion – a hostile work environment
  • Whether it is threatening – fear of losing your job if you complain
  • We cannot forget that there’s no monopoly on male harassment of females.
    • Men can also harass other men
    • Women can harass men
    • Women can harass other women
  • And we must be careful that claims of harassment do not become a club to be used for retribution or to create opportunities for unfair career advancement.
    • As Senator Tim Kaine said on Thursday, there must be one clear standard of conduct, transparency and accountability
    • Establishing that standard must be result of public conversation

In The News This Week

#metoo movement claimed two members of Congress this week – who is going to be next?  Whose sexual misdeeds have been paid for with $17 Million tax payer dollars?

Roy Moore – if it takes a pedophile to pass the GOP agenda is the agenda worth passing?

A short-term spending bill – will Congress give us a lump coal for Xmas?

Tax Cuts are Not Tax Reform – We need to hold out for real reform!

SIGN the No Labels Petition.  We have a right to know what behavior the Congressional Office of Compliance has covered up with $17 million of our tax dollars!