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$25 Billion Investment in Border Security

Deploy a portion of President Trump’s $25 Billion “security budget” to train soldiers in Central America to fight back against the drug cartels and remaining rag-tag guerilla bands, the US military advisers can do what a few DEA agents can’t — help Central American police and military forces to slow, if not stop, the production and transport of cocaine to the United States.

Slowing the flow of cocaine from Central America will save US lives while reducing health care costs.

US Special Forces have more than just military skills. They train farmers to raise legitimate crops profitably. They help civic leaders to create the basic instruments of governments – community councils, schools, health clinics – that serve the people, build civil societies.

California Can’t Be a 21st Century Superpower Acting Like a 19th Century Rebel

California’s distance from Washington D.C. – in the middle of the 19th century — best illustrates the jurisdictional ambiguity – the push and pull between state sovereignty and federalism — the point where the power of a state government ends and the national government begins.
In the 21st century Sacramento and Washington must finally settle the issue: Is California one of 50 federated states or the Republic of California.