Paralyzing self-serving politics has taken the place of doing the peoples’ business at all levels of government.

It starts at the top –

  • In a Fox News Poll taken this week –
    • The question is Trump Drawing the Country Together or Tearing it Apart
      • 56 percent Apart
      • 33 percent Together
    • The issues that decided the 2016 Presidential Election have not changed
      • Economic Renewal
      • National Security
      • Infrastructure Renewal
      • Smaller, more responsive government
    • But there’s an increasing unease as to whether Donald Trump has the temperament and skills to bring legislators and the American people together to storm, form and norm around plans and programs that can be codified into legislation, budgets and implemented at the state level.
      • Plans and programs that can be proposed by Republican majority and attract moderate Democratic support
      • Traditionally it takes the American people 6 years to be exhausted by a President – Trump has done it in just 7 months
        • Trump’s tweeting
        • Trump’s ego (all Presidents have egos)
        • Trump’s self-absorption (raving about his crowd size in the middle of Hurricane Harvey)
        • The White House staff has been organized but the President’s mind – not so much
    • It is time for Congress to step-up as a Co-Equal Branch of Government — even at the risk of telling unpleasant truths to some constituents who’d rather not

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