We have a national government with a political slogan “Make America Great Again”

But a campaign slogan is not a vision, not a strategy that will guide our progress — milestone by milestone —  to that objective.

Without a strategy, there can be no plan, and no way to measure progress toward specific objectives like establishing a 21st century national power grid or transportation system.

240 days into the Trump Presidency we don’t have a Vision, a Strategy, or a Plan!

And if there is no Plan there is no way to measure what it will cost to accomplish a specific objective – there is NOOOOO Budget!

The President was happy to make a deal with Congressional Democrats on a three month extension of the Continuing Funding Resolution that allows the government to just keep spending money without a plan.  He calls signing any Congressional bill as “winning”.

It’s a continuation of a Continuing Resolution that is carried over from the 111th, 112th, 113th and 114th Congresses!

Yes, you are right to react with shock — but there never was normal annual budget passed during the Obama Administration.

A budget, a normal appropriation measure imposes constraints, trade-offs of spending to achieve agreed-to goals and objects – measurable results!

Democrats, like my mother – who was a Democratic – seem to think that as long as there are blank checks in the checkbook – you can just keep writing checks and the bank will honor them.

My Dad had to take the checkbook away from my Mom.

After the White House agreement on a three month extension on the debt ceiling and the COOONTINNUING Resolution – it appears that President Trump does not want to (similarly) take the checkbook out of Nancy Pelosi’s hands.

In The News This Week:

Trump makes a deal with Chuck and Nancy to extend national debt ceiling, continuing government spending and special funding for FEMA  – Is it possibly that Trump is really a reflection of his base – a blue collar Democratic?

Senator Schumer proposes eliminating the Debt Ceiling – Aren’t we bankrupting our great, great, great, great grandchildren fast enough?

Trump Orders Attorney General Session to rescind Obama era DACA Executive Order – akin to a man throwing a match into a building where gas is leaking so he can watch the explosion.

China and Russia are trying to thread a very fine line between restraining North Korea and supporting USA and allied efforts to blunt North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.  I wonder if Xi and Putin have ever read history — 20th century history?