The Reimagineamerica Radio Hour is coming to you from Washington, DC today.

I’ve spent the week in Washington, DC — attending an off-the-record briefing with administrative officials.   The briefing was both informative and frustrating but the Congressional meetings I had scheduled for this past Wednesday where lost in the aftermath of the Arlington, VA, shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalice and three other victims — including two members of law enforcement.

But none of the really positive administration agenda items are going to move forward as long as the nation’s attention is focused on Russia’s election machinactions and Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.

In the News This Week:

– Will the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalice lead to a change the bitter partisan tone in Congress?

– Veteran’s Administrative Accountability Act finally passed Congress — a full three years after widespread corruption at VA was linked to unnecessary veteran deaths.  Better late than never — or outrage delayed is outrage denied!

– Health Care:  Hope for Health Insurance Triage but NOT for Real REFORM

– There are some things to cheer in White House Executive Order intended to increase and expand Apprenticeship Programs for American youth

– Money in politics: Is $70 million for a special Congressional election a new high or a new low?