The President’s approval rating dropped 4 points in this week’s Quinnipaq poll to 35 percent.

Quinnipaq, we should remember was one of the most accurate (if not perfect) polls in the run up to the 2016 election.

That means, President Trump, even your so-called base is eroding.

  • It’ not that they have stopped believing in American opportunity or the need for job creation or infrastructure renewal or shrinking the size of the bureaucracy to fit the 21st century
  • NO, what it means is that more Americans fear that you are not the president who can deliver on these promises
    • At war with Congress
    • At war with members of your own administration – just ask Jeff Sessions
    • At war with the media
    • At war with most of the political center of your own party
      • What President in modern history has lost the support of 20 percent or more of his own political party 7 and a half months into his Presidency
    • Just how can we trust you with the security of the nation?
      • North Korea
      • Afghanistan
    • More than 25 lives of American service personnel have been lost in peace-time activities in the Pacific Fleet in the last 90 days
      • And your biggest concern is the possibility of transgender people in the military??

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