Why aren’t we citizens getting the results we should expect from our government?

The answer is quite simple.

The fact is — professional politicians value their personal position more than their public responsibility.

That’s a perversion of the purpose of representative government.

One that it is up to us, ordinary Americans, to reject.

In the News this Week:

Barcelona — for President Trump it’s both a reminder of his awesome responsibility and a chance to turn the focus to a type of terrorism with which he is more comfortable.

Charlottesville — in the aftermath.  The MOST UNLIKELY PLACE to really for INEQUALITY.

Two weeks ago, we asked the question:  can retired Four Star Marine General John Kelly save Donald Trump from himself?   The answer is in.  It appears to be No.

Congress is a co-equal branch of government.  The leaders of both parties must stand up and take the reins of government.

While we are doing the Right Thing — Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin have dropped a bi-partisan DREAM Act into the legislative hamper.  It’s a passage would be a down payment on on healing the divisions that are rocking the foundations of our nation in the summer of 2017.