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No Teenager Next Door Should Own a Gun

The children of Florida are demanding #NeverAgain.
Never may not be possible in a society awash with guns BUT– In the 13 years since Sandy Hook there have been 200 school shootings and 400 students have been killed.
In business when we see a pattern of adverse activity, we quickly work to identify the potential corrective action and implement them to alter the trajectory of the pattern.
It’s time to implement sensible corrective action —

Perverting the Purpose of Congressional Oversight

The specifics of the Carter Page FISA warrant and the two memos that claim to interpret that surveillance are of less consequence. The incontrovertible fact is that both Democrats and Republicans on the Committee have abused Congress’s important oversight role for transparently political motives.
The committee’s objective should have been to determine the facts on a bi-partisan basis and in co-operation with Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI.
If the motive were to inform us, the Minority Report would have been declassified!