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A Simple Solution for Gun Control

We react with understandable empathy, sorrow and fear to breaking news of a mass shooting. Fifty happy Saturday night partiers killed in Orlando. Horrific – yes! Five police officers assassinated in Dallas by one unstable man with a semi-automatic weapon. Unimaginable, heartbreaking – yes. But it turns out to be equal to just two percent of the total incidents of gun violence in 2015! 30,000 Americans died as result of gunfire every year in the last decade.
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Honor Orlando with One Small Step toward Unity of Purpose

After I turn off the lights each night, I repeat the basic prayer of my faith followed by a brief, extemporaneous chat with God. It was just after 1 AM Sunday morning when I asked God to do what he can to achieve peace on earth. At that very moment the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States was taking place across the country. How can it be that 49 people were murdered in an Orlando, Florida, night club? How can it be that 53 people who went out for a good time on Saturday night – ended up fighting for their lives in Orlando hospitals on Sunday? Then the “other shoe dropped”. The killer who pledged allegiance to ISIS — was known to the FBI but still was able to buy a military-style assault rifle from a legitimate gun dealer. Massacres Have One Common Denomin
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We Can Fix the Mess NAFTA Created for US/Mexico Trade

A mutually beneficial trade relationship with Mexico is entirely possible – a relationship that looks more like our Canadian trading relationship. More manufacturing jobs are an opportunity to expand the Mexican middle class but not all of those jobs have to come at the expense of American workers.
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