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USA Doesn’t Need More Security, It Needs Smarter Security

During my early December trip to Washington DC and New York the streets were crowded and restaurants were packed with Holiday Celebrants. San Bernardino dominated the news but none of the travelers or "locals" I met seemed overly concerned. None where concerned enough to change their plans. My random sampling of opinions found no widespread fear -- just a desire for smarter government security rather than just more government security.
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Can You Imagine President Carson?

Presidents and brain surgeons have one thing in common – experience matters. But there's a vast difference in the experience required to be the singular Chief Executive Officer – the President, the leader of all the people and a surgeon. Would any hospital allow a surgery intern to perform brain surgery or allow a surgical resident to operate without the active and immediate supervision of a "board certified" surgeon? Of course they won't. It's no different with President.
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Gun Rights Don’t Include a Right to Kill Someone

The shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford even elicited a brief debate among her Congressional colleagues over the conflicting priorities of the Constitutional "right to own and bear firearms" and the Declaration of Independence's assertion of the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". But even then Congress failed to act.
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3 Reasons Why Buying American will Save our Economy

The more goods and services Americans buy from fellow Americans the faster the economy grows. This domestically fueled growth makes our economy less vulnerable to international economic pressures.
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